Delivered December 3, 2017 at the Congregational Meeting

Your Pastor Nominating Committee is pleased to report that we are ready to nominate Reverend Elizabeth Shen O’Connor as Pastor of Meadow Springs Presbyterian Church. Your PNC – Dave, Diana, Gwen, Katie, Ron, Teri, Travis, and myself – have met together in fellowship, had many lively discussions, and have faithfully worked over the last several months to discern who God has called to be our next Pastor. I can report without reservation that your PNC each individually, and as a group, hears God calling Elizabeth and our church into ministry together.

Our work started with studying our Mission Strategy as updated in 2016. Using the Mission Strategy as a foundation, and drawing on our individual knowledge of our congregation’s needs, we created a position description. In addition to the very important Sunday worship and church administration work, it describes a Pastor who will work to equip new leaders to carry our ministry into the future.

After reviewing 174 resumes, conducting 15 written interviews, holding one video interview, and affirming our selection with the neutral pulpit in Sunnyside, we have discerned that Elizabeth is uniquely qualified to be our next pastor. Though she has not served as an installed head pastor, she has served several years as Associate Pastor. She served as interim Head of Staff at her current church during a very difficult transition. She has completed multiple continuing education classes on leadership and leadership development. Throughout her current Associate Pastor tenure, Elizabeth was focused on spiritual care and equipping leaders, which are two of our most important needs.

Your PNC also recognizes that calling a pastor is a two-way street, and we have been mindful to discern that Elizabeth feels called to serve with US as well. Throughout the stages of resume review, interviews, and personal interactions, we have seen Elizabeth rely on prayer, consultation with her mentors, and consideration of her family’s needs in discerning HER calling.

In conclusion, we praise God for the opportunity to serve Him, and pray that His will be done.

The Pastor Nominating Committee moves that the congregation elect Reverend Elizabeth Shen O’Connor to serve as Pastor, by the grace of God.