After almost 20 years of dedicated service Pastor Robert Johnson retired at the end of June 2016.  The congregation at Meadow Springs Presbyterian Church is currently actively involved in the process of calling a new pastor.


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Leota Hallyburto

I have been the Administrative Assistant at Meadow Springs Presbyterian Church since 2006 – this time around. I was the Admin. Assist. for 4 years previously with about a 5 year gap in between. My formal education is in agriculture, I graduated from Oregon State University in 1979 with a degree in Animal Science. My husband David and I were married in 1974 and helped each other finish college. The first 20 years we were married we moved 18 times – enough for a lifetime! We moved to Kennewick in 1995 and have been here ever since. We have 2 daughters and a son in law (Katie and Patrick Conway and Sarah Hallyburton) and a grandson (Marshall Conway)and granddaughter (Eliza Conway).

When I am not at work in the church I am privileged to serve as a member of the choir, and the Worship Ministry Team. I also enjoy working on the Mission Ministry Team and as a member of the Women On A Mission group. Outside of the church I enjoy working with youth as a 4-H Leader. Our 4-H club is called Fur-Ever Friends; we have projects for Foods, Art, Photography, Veterinary Science and Horses (most of our members are in the Horse Project). In addition to the club I am currently serving as the Horse Department Superintendent for the Benton Franklin Fair and Chair of the Benton Franklin Horse Leaders Committee. Katie, Sarah and I are members of Central Washington Pony Club and I still enjoy going to the shows and watching my “girls” – which now also includes most of my 4-H Club members.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, gardening, and going camping and skiing with my family. David and I had a Ford van customized for us to camp in that we hope will last us into our retirement.

I feel that I am one of those lucky people who is able to have a job that is also something that they are called to do as a ministry. I feel that God has equipped me over the years, through experiences I have had, to be able to serve our church in this way and I feel blessed to be able to do that every day.


Beverly Norell – Accompanist                                                Beverly (655x800)

She was meant to be a musician.  Her grandfather played the accordion on the ship on his way to America while an uncle dance-skipped a jig.  Her two brothers have had musical careers.  The younger one was a professor of music in a college while the older one led a church choir in Albuquerque.  Her mother took opera lessons in California and has sung in many venues.  Beverly started on piano at the age of 8.  After conquering  the piano,  she has served as a church organist and pianist.  She is an accomplished flutist having won several awards at an early age.  Not only are her instrumental talents most important, but she has a beautiful, bell-like soprano voice.    She has sung in several audition-only choirs, small ensemble s and in acapella groups.  Sharing her talents with young people has been an important facet of Bev’s  life.  She taught piano in our homes in Oklahoma and Colorado for 30 years.  Bev  is thoroughly enjoying this new stage in her life by playing here at Meadow Springs and is happy to continue using her talents.  ( author John Norell)


Larry Lyon

Larry Lyon -Music Director

I was born long ago in a faraway place.I grew up in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area.  Ii played in local bands in the late ‘60s and through the 70s.  Marriage called for a “real” job so I worked in the retail environment.  With a promotion to management I was transferred to Washington State in 1984.  I retired from that company after 21 years.

Becoming a widower and a single father called for a remarriage.  Kristy and her two sons completed our family in 1996.  In order for the boys to be closer to their grandparents, 2001 found four of us moving to the Tri Cities area.  Tricities Laboratory saw fit to hire me and I am currently in their Microbiology department.

I enjoy reading, traveling, talking with my best friend Kristy, and floating in our pool in the summer.  I have taught private music lessons since 1976.  While I can fumble with most instruments, I am most comfortable playing drums, guitar, bass and keyboards.

I am grateful to Meadow Springs Presbyterian Church, despite my singing like a dead squished frog (no offence to any amphibians intended), for giving the opportunity to wave my arms around aimlessly on Sunday mornings while the choir does its best to ignore me and sing beautifully anyway.