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Vacation Bible School

Plan ahead to join us for SonSpark Labs, a science/experiment themed Vacation Bible School on Monday – Thursday, July 6–9, 2015.

Each year we choose a Vacation Bible School curriculum that will teach the kids about the building blocks of our Christian faith. The kids will learn and play through engaging songs, bible stories, snacks, games, and recreation activities.

The kids will be in common age groupings that travel from station to station each day. All participants will be guided by caring and enthusiastic adult leaders, as well as middle and high school helpers each day.

We are very excited about Vacation Bible School and hope that you will consider having your children (4yrs – entering 5th grade) attend.

2015 Registration forms are now available.  Please click on  ‘Registration Form’ and click on the link to print the registration form.

Thank you and we hope to see you in the summer!

To view last years’ photo album, click here.

  • Pentecost is May 24th

    This year Pentecost is May 24th.  On the day of Pentecost, seven weeks after the resurrection of Jesus, the Holy Spirit was poured out upon those followers of Jesus who had gathered together in Jerusalem. What happened on the first Pentecost continues to happen to Christians throughout the world today, though usually not in such a dramatic fashion. We rarely get a heavenly wind and tongues of fire anymore. Nevertheless, God pours out the Spirit upon all who put their faith in Jesus Christ and become his disciples (see Romans 8:1-11).


    Christians are meant to live in the presence and power of the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit helps us to confess Jesus as Lord (1 Cor 12:3), empowers us to serve God with supernatural power (1 Cor 12:4-11), binds us together as the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:12-13), helps us to pray (Rom 8:26), and even intercedes for us with God the Father (Rom 8:27). The Spirit guides us (Gal 5:25), helping us to live like Jesus (Gal 5:22-23).


    Personal Implications: Pentecost presents us with an opportunity to consider how we are living each day. Are we relying on the power of God’s Spirit? Are we an open channel for the Spirit’s gifts? Are we attentive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Is the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, etc.) growing in our lives? Most Christians I know, including me, live in the presence and power of the Spirit, but only to an extent. We are limited by our fear, our sin, our low expectations, not to mention our tendency to be distracted from God’s work in us. Pentecost offers a chance to confess our failure to live by the Spirit and to ask the Lord to fill us afresh with his power.


    On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended on individual followers of Jesus as they were gathered together in Jerusalem. This gathering became the first Christian church. New believers in Jesus were baptized as they joined this church. They, along with the first followers of Jesus, shared life together, focusing on teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. They shared their belongings so that no one was hungry or needy. As these first Christians lived out their new faith together, “the Lord added to their number those who were being saved” (Acts 2:47). Thus we speak of Pentecost as the birthday of the church.


    In theory, the Spirit could have been poured out on the followers of Jesus when they were not gathered together. There are surely times when the Holy Spirit touches an individual who is alone in prayer, worship, or ministry to others. But the fact that the Spirit was given to a gathering of believers is not incidental. It underscores the centrality of the church in God’s work in the world. The Holy Spirit is not only given to individuals, but also, in a sense to the gathered people of God. Thus, in 1 Corinthians 3, the Apostle Paul observes that the church is God’s temple and that the Spirit dwells in the midst of the church.


    Personal Implications: Many Christians, especially those of us who have been influenced by the individualism of American culture, live as if the church is useful but unnecessary. We seem to believe that as long as we have a personal relationship with God, everything else is secondary. But Pentecost is a vivid illustration of the truth that is found throughout Scripture: the community of God’s people is central to God’s work in the world. Thus, Pentecost invites us to consider our own participation in the fellowship, worship, and mission of the church. It is a time to renew our commitment to live as an essential member of the body of Christ, using our gifts to build the church and share the love and justice of Christ with the world.






  • Maundy Thursday Service

    On Thursday, April 2, 2015 we will hold a Maundy Thursday Service in the MSPC Fellowship Hall.  The service will begin with a lentil soup dinner at 6:00 pm followed by a Living Tableau of the Last Supper.  RSVP is requested, please contact the church office at 627-4190.

  • Easter Worship

    Easter Sunday Worship at 10:00 am in the MSPC Sanctuary

    On Easter Sunday during the 10:00 am service we will be decorating the cross with flowers.  Each family is encouraged to bring flowers with them to decorate the cross.    There will be 2 crosses at the front of the Sanctuary.  We are asking that families bring their flowers to the front and decorate a cross before they are seated for the worship service beginning at about 9:50am.   The congregation will be singing Easter hymns while we are decorating. We will plan to finish decorating the crosses and begin worship by 10:05 am. 

    Thank You,     MSPC Worship Ministry Team